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Membership reward points or Money points are points that can be converted into cash by active club members who have been active for more than 3 months.


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About Us - Get To Know Your Club


Who are we?

Jamaica Scholastic Event Club also known as “JAMSECLUB” is a progressive initiative project that is directly geared to focus on the scholastic realm of the student body and their environment. JAMSECLUB clear goal and mission is to promote, enhance and build a stronger, more progressive, secure learning academic and health environment. 

What we do

JAMSECLUB is the foremost premier entertainment platform that was conceptualized from birth to cater one hundred percent to Jamaica’s school children of all ages. JAMSCLUB takes the initiative to identify the different and varied aspects of the student’s scholastic environment, both in the student body health perspective and their physical structural academic place of learning. Once a particular area of interest has been identified, we then turn it into a project. A project can be any initiative like a beautification of a new garden, erecting a new fence or gate, putting up a perimeter wall for security, to a much larger project like building a class room or a specific sports playground.

How we do it

JAMSECLUB parent company Reid Media Group (RMG) handles all the marketing and advertising media campaign that is needed to raise the financial outlay for all initiative projects. These campaigns can range from a simple luncheon or seminar to an event like a children movie night, a school fete “party”, beach party or large barbecue or festival. The size of each project to be initiated will be the determining factor for each event to be promoted and undertaken.

Who Benefits

JAMSECLUB unique strategic position and motivation for progressive development within the scholastic world of Jamaica has given the company the most rewarding and promising institution to work with, that is the high schools. Fundamentally, schools are the institution that mostly benefit, they are the most important and needed entity in any develop or developing society. From the start we here at JAMSECLUB have always known that starting with the children is more than a wise choice, it is a blessing, it is their education which is the core building block for any intelligent economy.  As we all know the children are the future.     

Your Membership Store

JamsEclub is the largest and most successful, online student single price point super discount club wholesale clubhouse membership program in the island of Jamaica. Operating and working with more than two hundred sales and marketing representatives in the capital city of Kingston alone.  JamsEclub buys in large surplus through their parent company, where these deep discount pricing are then passed on to their shopping club members.

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