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Jamseclub Sales Opportunity - For Representatives

Becoming a JamsEclub Representative can be the starting point of a whole new world for you.  A world full of life, fun, learning, you helping in making your school a better place while creating a more successful you for a rewarding financial journey while in school.

Join the JamsEclub Representative team now to run a business on your own time, from school or home on your terms.



At JamsEclub you will be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

You will have the opportunity while in school studying and learning, to earn more and be financially rewarded than most working adults.

You will work at your own pace and on your own time, like we said on your own terms.  You are literally your own BOSS.



JamsEclub will give you all the tools you will need to be successful.

Wouldn't you like to feel better, look better, live better all while learning and earning?

Well, now you can. It does not matter from what background or which walk of life you are from, JamsEclub does not care, all we here at JamsEclub care about is that you love to go to school, take your education very seriously, be honest and have integrity, love life and fun, enjoy helping your peers and be passionate about making money decently and honestly.

At the same time we ask that you have a very pleasing, dynamic and a pleasant winning personality. You will be marketing yourself as well as JamsEclub products and services to your fellow students. 



JamsEclub will support you through every step of your journey to success.

Making available to you the most practical and useful products to be used by your fellow students in, out and around their homes.  Your responsibility will be to set goals and manage your time wisely, by servicing your club members. 

Members Benefits

Why should you join?

  • CXC Scholarships Gift Giveaways
  • Monthly membership points (can be converted to cash contact your school Club Leader for details)
  • ​Sell your items for free on JamsEclub Marketplace such as, old school books, games etc.
  • Membership contribution is only $200JM and Jamaican high school students of all ages are eligible
  • Gate prizes and hourly giveaways at our Beach Events 
  • Exclusive shopping to JamsEclub online store with countless merchandise such as clothing, toys, jewelry, etc.
  • Discount to all JamsEclub beach events
  • Students can join our talent showcase lineup
  • $20,000.00JM AWARDED to individual competitive winners at Beach Event
  • Winners will be featured on the website
  • Free Jamseclub TShirt to talent winners
  • Free access to Scholarship sites and Educational Links

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A List of Jamseclub Schools -Reps TBD


Rep Name & Phone #  

Aabuthnott Gallimore High876-975-1913AGHDENISE 555-0000    
Albert Town High876-610-0723ATH 
Alston High876-379-0737ALH 
Anchovy High876-956-4000ANH 
Annotto Bay High876-996-2478ABH 
Ardenne High876-927-8138ARH 
Ascott High876-740-0884ASH 
B. B. Coke High876-965-8635; 8325BBC 
Balaclava High876-963-2223BCH 
Bellefield High876-963-4407BEH 
Belmont Academy876-955-8049BEA 
Bishop Gibson High876- 962-2188BGH 
Black River High876-965-2309BRH 
Bog Walk High876-985-1975BWH 
Bridgeport High876-988-4489BPH 
Brimmer Vale High876-994-2355BVH 
Brown’s Town High876-975-2403BTH 
Buff Bay High876-988-1586BBH 
Bustamante High876-986-3703BUH 
Calabar High876-924-1408CBH 
Cambridge High876-912-2370CBH 
Camperdown High876-928-1027; 927-9555CDH 
Campion College 876-928-2648CAC 
Carron Hall High876-999-7861CHH 
Cedric Titus High876-954-1044CTH 
Central High876-986-2483; 986-4572CEH 
Charlemont High876-928-2648CMH 
Charlie Smith High876-922-4992CSH 
Christiana High876-964-3684CHH 
Clan Carthy High876-928-2008CCH 
Clarendon College876-987-2213CLC 
Claude McKay High876-650-2199; 2200CMH 
Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha876-928-1342CMA 
Cornwall College876-952-2406CWC 
Cross Keys High876-877-9949; 618-0853CKH 
Cumberland High876-704-8365CLH 
DeCarteret College876-962-2546DEC 
Denbigh high876-986-2338DHH 
Denham Town High876-923-6255DEN 
Dinthill Technical High876-985-2274DTH 
Donald Quarrie High876-928-7505DQH 
Dunoon Park Technical High876-928-1137DPT 
Edith Dalton James High876-933-3454EDJ 
Edwin Allen High876-904-4555EAH 
Eltham High876-749-2927; 2345ELH 
Ewarton High876-985-0192; 0655EWH 
Excelsior High876-928-5079EXH 
Fair Prospect High876-913-7562FPH 
Ferncourt High876-972-3221FCH 
Foga Road High876-870-8312FRH 
Frome Technical High876-955-6447FTH 
Garvey Maceo High876-468-1037GMH 
Gaynstead High876-926-4792GSH 
Glengoffe High876-708-1289GLE 
Glenmuir High876-986-2372GLH 
Godfrey Stewart High876-955-2574GSH 
Grange Hill High876-955-1001GRH 
Greater Portmore High876-740-4150GPH 
Green Island High876-956-9137GIH 
Green Pond High876-680-8916GPH 
Guy’s Hill High876-994-3103; 3670GHH 
Haile Selassie High876-758-3014HSH 
Hampton high876-966-5115HAH 
Happy Grove High876-993-0900HGH 
Herbert Morrison Technical High876-952-5388HMT 
Holland High School876-610-5289HHS 
Holmwood Technical High876-964-2266HTH 
Holy Childhood High876-926-2171HCH 
Holy Trinity High876-922-3395HTH 
Hopewell High876-956-5175HWH 
Immaculate Conception High876-924-1719ICH 
Innswood High876-943-2685INH 
Iona High876-975-5471IOH 
Irwin High876-777-7777IRH 
Islington High876-994-4310ISH 
Jamaica College876-977-2314JAC 
Jonathan Grant High876-984-3330JGH 
Jose Marti Technical High876-984-2632JMT 
Kellits High876-966-8010KEH 
Kemps Hill High876-987-5442KHH 
Kingston College876-927-6238KIC 
Kingston High876-922-4730; 5645KIH 
Kingston Technical High876-922-1170KTH 
Knockalva Technical High876-956-4715; 530-0920KNT 
Knox College876-987-8015KNC 
Lacovia High876-966-6713LAH 
Lennon High876-999-6001LEH 
Lewisville High876-361-0576LVH 
Little London High876-955-7091LLH 
MacGrath High876-903-8624MGH 
Maggotty High876-963-9845MAH 
Maldon High876-912-5891MAH 
Manchester High(876) 962-3461MCH 
Mannings High(876) 955-2634MAN 
Marcus Garvey Technical High(876) 972-2237MCT 
Marymount High(876) 992-2274MMH 
Maud McLeod High876-955-0250MMH 
Mavis Bank High876-942-7168; 7081MBH 
May Day High876-603-0617; 904-7006MDH 
Meadowbrook High(876) 941-0390MEH 
Merl Grove High876-925-5601MGH 
Merlene Ottey High876-816-5272MEO 
Mile Gully High876-818-9474; 965-4457MGH 
Mona High876-977-2925; 2917MON 
Montego Bay High(876) 952 2374/2809MBH 
Morant Bay High876-982-2206MOB 
Mount Alvernia High876-952-2391MAH 
Munro College(876) 963-1402MUC 
Muschett High876-610-2968; 2844MUH 
Newell High876-965-0539; 0663NEH 
Norman Manley High876-926-4305NMH 
Oberlin High(876) 942-6940OBH 
Ocho Rios High876-974-0755; 2634ORH 
Old Harbour High876-745-3035; 983-2377OHH 
Oracabessa High876-975-3207ORH 
Papine High876-977-3184;3185PAH 
Paul Bogle High876-982-1723; 734-2490PAB 
Pembroke Hall876-934-2713; 0338PBH 
Penwood High876-459-1149; 851-0570PWH 
Petersfield High876-955-5024; 5390PFH 
Port Antonio High876-993-2640; 3080PAH 
Port Maria High School(876) 994-2450  
Porus High876-904-0462; 1984POH 
Rhodes Hall High876-957-6480; 6578RHH 
Robert Lightbourne High876-982-7079; 7520RLH 
Rusea’s High(876) 956-2275/3095RUH 
Seaforth High876-982-4138; 4996SEH 
Spaldings High876-987-8020; 964-0517SPH 
Spanish Town High876-984-2504; 2243STH 
Spot Valley High876-953-7795SVH 
St. Andrew High School for Girls876-926-5925SAH 
St. Andrew Technical High(876) 923-7107SAT 
St. Catherine High(876) 981-8209; 8004SCH  
St. Elizabeth Technical High(876) 966-2293SET 
St. George’s College(876) 922-4072SGC 
St. Hilda’s Diocesan High 876-975-2218; 2279SHD 
St. Hugh’s High(876) 926-8526SHH 
St. Jago High(876) 984-4312SJH 
St. James High876-971-3837; 952-2940SJH 
St. Mary High876-992-2311SMH 
St. Mary Technical High876-992-0729; 0115SMT 
St. Mary’s College876-903-9648SMC 
St. Thomas Technical High(876) 982-2749STT 
Tacius Golding High876-705-2124; 2125TGH 
Tacky High876-975-8467; 975-8114TAH 
Tarrant High (876) 754-6220TAH 
The Queen’s High School(876) 924-6877TQH 
Thompson Town High876-909-9985; 382-5135TTH 
Titchfield High(876) 993-2618TFH 
Tivoli Gardens High(876) 923-8469TGH 
Trench Town High(876) 922-2760TRE 
Troy High876-618-1237; 1238TRH 
Vauxhall High(876) 928-2300VAH 
Vere Technical High(876) 986-0570VTH 
Waterford High876-998-2963WAH 
Westwood High(876) 612-0307WEH 
William Knibb Memorial High(876) 954-3205WKM 
Winston Jones High876-618-0571WJH 
Wolmer’s Boys School (876) 922-8678WBH 
Wolmer’s Girls School (876) 922-4084WGS 
Yallahs High876-982-5068; 876-706-3778YAH 
York Castle High(876) 975-2217YCH 


Apply To Become A JamsEclub Rep

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Representative MUST be 15 years or older

JamsEclub Reps Get Great Rewards!

As a Representative of JamsEclub you will receive great rewards:

  • Items you promote and sell from our online store
  • Tickets sales from our events

Free entry to all our official events